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Outsourcing Consultancy

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We provide consultancy as well as ground support to our clients through the entire subcontracting process.  We bring to our clients subcontracting opportunities in the following sectors:

  1. Roads: National Highways/ State Highways/PMGSY (Design, Construction and Management of Roads, Bridges, Flyovers, Under-Passes, Tunnels, Culverts, Tolls)
  2. Railways/ Metro and High Speed Rail Development (Construction as well as Maintenance & Supply), Station development
  3. Airports
  4. Seaports
  5. Energy Sector (Generation/Storage/Transmission/Operation/Maintenance/Audits)
  6. Innovative Agriculture : (Polyhouse/Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics, horticulture, 
  7. Defence: Production/Supply/Services
  8. Telecommunication : Transmission Towers (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical), Optic Fiber Cable (Underground Laying), Microwave & RF Connectivity
  9. Real Estate: Commercial, Industrial, and Residential constructions
  10. Logistics : Industrial Storage and Transportation
  11. Pipelines (Liquid & Gas)
  12. Water Resources: Engineering, Construction and Management
  13. Sanitation and Public Health
  14. Waste Management (Solid and Liquid)

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