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With its extensive and impeccable track record of providing authoritative and innovative advice on a variety of project finance transactions worldwide, combined with its global experience and local knowledge, Rock Springs is highly capable of providing integrated project finance strategies and services to its clients. Since project financing is at the heart of all aspects of project development, all aspects of the project must be aligned to ensure the final outcome of the project in order to survive the scrutiny that lenders and investors need to approve project financing.

Project finance is a fully operational, revenue-generating and legally permissible project that brings sufficient value to investors. Closing a project financing is not just a negotiation of financial structuring, but necessarily involves an analysis of real estate rights, construction and development contracts, equipment warranties, concession contracts, off-taker agreements such as power purchase and interconnection agreements, cash management, environmental permits and clearances, regulatory affairs and, of course, detailed tax analysis.


Rock Springs provides project owners/sponsors/promoters with much-needed project financing solutions and assistance in raising capital for their projects during the development and operational phases. For both greenfield and brownfield projects, this is a gateway to reach project experts, investors and financiers. We have been at the forefront of several project finance transactions in various sectors of the economy around the world. Our project support and financing services have helped projects in their stages from inception to maturity. Startups, shovel-ready projects and green shoots have also used our services at various stages of their project life cycle. We have both the means and expertise to target numerous banks, investment bankers, non-bank financial firms (NBFCs), financial institutions (FIs), venture capitalists (VCs), private equity investors (PE) and ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWIs), family businesses, hedge funds, pension funds, insurers, insurance providers, etc. with great speed and efficiency.

We understand how these fund providers and investors work and what their main areas of interest are. Focusing on the right source is not only important, but also crucial to a successful financial close.


Rock Springs bietet:

     Identification of projects with cash flow generating component and bankability potential;

     Support of project development to achieve bankability;

     Preparation and structure of the transaction by leveraging our advisory, financial and legal expertise;

     Finding the right investor and achieving financial close;

     Support of the customer during the project implementation and the construction phase.


We can be present with our services throughout the entire project life cycle:


Strategy and planning: Support long-term planning of individual projects or portfolio by focusing on feasibility, alignment with business objectives, and governance procedures to maximize return on investment.

     Financing and procurement: procurement of project financing; Set up and manage the procurement process to purchase services, materials or equipment to carry out the project and prioritize capital allocation between projects.

     Project organization, execution and construction: Put the project on track for success and strengthen the client's ability to deliver on time and on budget.

     Operations and maintenance: Assess ongoing lifecycle costs and provide insights to optimize the performance and value of assets in operation.

     Asset recycling, concession maturity and decommissioning: determining when and how to stop investing in an asset and transaction advisory services for investors in infrastructure assets.


The main reasons for the underdevelopment of project finance are insufficient project maturity and the inability to develop projects to the level required to achieve bankability. Access to finance is one of the main reasons why infrastructure projects do not develop faster and key stakeholders sometimes do not see business value for financing.

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